It is a great pleasure to announce that we now have support from a range of stakeholders and leading speakers to organise the 3rd Sydney Spinal Symposium on Friday 11 September 2020 at the Sydney International Convention Centre.

The format will be a medley of key note speakers, leading researcher talks interspersed with higher degree student presentations and younger researchers. An exciting Osteoporosis Symposium with global leaders in the field and an update on surgical clinical trials for stenosis and outcomes of NSW workers compensation cohorts will be things to look forward to. And if you feel your understanding of cannabinoids for pain needs to be “heightened” this may be an opportunity to do so.

I am aware that numerous fruitful collaborations and interactions emanated from both of the past 2 meetings and I am hoping that this event will foster more such collaborations. On the social front we are planning a night-before dinner get together and drinks following the event. Hopefully these two networking opportunities will compensate for the lack of time during the meeting when all of you will be immensely busy. 

Please revisit these pages as updates will be made in real time as the program develops.


Ashish Diwan
Conference Chair

DIWAN photo